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At Sarah Lea Brows, we offer a range of beauty services to help you achieve your perfect look. From brow shaping and microblading to tinting, waxing, lamination, and cosmetic tattooing, our expert team is dedicated to ensuring you feel confident and beautiful.


It's technical name is Microblading but you'll find is more commonly referred to as feathering, feather touch, feather stroke or brow feathering.  Microblading, specifically PhiBrows method is a manual skill of semi permanent tattooed eyebrow strokes. It is done by using a very fine, sterile packaged blade to deposit pigment into the surface layer of the dermis in the form of strokes to emulate natural eyebrow hairs.  Feathering provides the possibility to achieve incredibly realistic and very natural hair like results.  Results are very natural and if you wear makeup or like a more defined shape, this is probably not the technique for you. This technique lasts around 1-2 years depending on skin type and care and is not recommended for oily skin.




Our signature SLB Soft Ombre brows, are commonly referred to elsewhere as powder, ombre, shading, sandy brows, russian brows, HD brows (very confusing i know) and are different from microblading. Performed with state of the art PMU machine and the best pigments on the market.  Soft Ombre brows appear a little darker and bold for the first 8-12 days, but heal to a very natural and beautiful shadow behind the brow.  A great option for those that are use to filling in their brows daily, like a more defined brow, or wear their brows darker than thier natural colouring and/or wear makeup most days. It is a very customisable technique and can be made as bold or as soft as desired.  Generally the start of the brow is lighter and then gradually becomes bolder through the tail giving it that beautiful ombre affect. This technique lasts around 2-3 years and recommended for all skin types, including oily skin and mature skin.




Combo brows are made up of feather strokes at the blub (front) of the brow and then shading through the body and tail, or a mix of feather strokes with shading placed between the strokes. for added depth.  This technique lasts around 2-2.5 years and recommended most, but not all skin types.  


Lash Enhancement.jpeg


Lash Enhancement is a soft, fluffy or defined (depending on clients desired outcome) liner concentrated to the root of the lash line, usually between 1-2mm thick depending on the clients natural lash line. Tapers thinner in the inner corner to thicker at the outer corner and generally it is tapered off with a small baby wing, totally customised to suit the clients desired outcome and eye shape.  It helps to define and lift the corner of the eyes, add depth, whilst creating the illusion of thicker lashes with a darker lash line. This is an amazing natural treatment that doesn't look like makeup or tattooed eyeliner per se', but will definitely help to make your eyes pop when makeup free.   




Lip blush or lip tint  is a semi-permanent tattoo that will enhance the colour and shape of your lips and give the impression of more fullness and a wash of colour, similar to that of a tinted lip balm. This is done by depositing coloured pigment, customed designed to the clients desired outcome and specifications into your lips and along your lip line. The colour is subtle to give natural-looking results. 




A specialised treatment for those with hyper pigmentation, cool coloured or melanin rich lips (brown, purple, blue tones). We use colour correcting theory to even out and brighten the lip colour. Leaving a more even and brighter, more desirably lip tone (peach, coral, pink, rose etc).  Depending on the level of hyperpigmentation, a minimum of two sessions is required but can be more than 3.  This treatment can be a life changing treatment for those who are self conscious of their hyper pigmentation. Depending on the level of hyper pigmentation multiple treatments (more than 2) may be required.




Our refresher appointments are reserved for previous clients who have been tattooed at Sarah Lea Brows only and are reserved for freshening up work that has begun to fade, as is the nature of cosmetic tattooing. They are generally required anywhere from 1-2 years after your inital appointment.  If you have previous work done elsewhere you will need to book an entirely new treatment and seek prior approval via a consultation or email first. 


Brow Sculpt.jpeg


The OG of bow maintenance. Unsure where to start, we would recommend starting here.  It includes a thorough consultation to find out what you want, where you want to be and what you do or don’t like. from there we automise our approach to suit YOUR face and features. Includes a custom SLB shape, wax or tweeze, trim (if needed) and tint or hybrid tint.  Whether you prefer a natural look or something more bold and dramatic, we can customise to suit.




If you're looking for high impact, gorgeous lashes without the upkeep of extension, the hassle of falsies a lash lift is a total game changer. Using only your natural lashes, we apply a super gentle perming solution that lifts and curls your lashes for up to 8 weeks, finished with a nourishing keratin treatment and tint. Say goodbye to lash curlers and messy, clumpy mascara and get ready to wake up every day with effortlessly flawless lashes. Available alone or in a lash and brow package with our signature brow sculpt or brow lamination.


Brow Lamination.jpeg


Brow lamination is the latest trend taking the brow world by storm. Designed to give the brows a full, fluffy, brushed up and lifted look.  Brow Lamination works by relaxing the bonds of the hair, making them soft and easy to manipulate, we then manipulate them into the desired shape and then set them there.  The brows will still have movement, but will be gently set in their new lifted shape.  We use a gentle system, loaded with keratin and peptides to condition and nourish your brow hairs at the same time.  All Brow Laminaations include a custom SLB shape, wax and tint or hybrid tint colour matched to suit.  Finished off with a keratin treatment. Available alone or in a lash and brow package with our signature brow sculpt or brow lamination.


We stay on top of the latest eyebrow trends and offer maintenance services to keep your brows looking their best.
Book an appointment today at our Gold Coast or Melbourne cosmetic tattoo locations!
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