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"At Sarah Lea Brows, we offer a select range of cosmetic tattoo treatments tailored to all skin types, lifestyles, and desired outcomes. We are not a one size fits all provider.  With expert precision, an exceptional eye for detail and aesthetics, alongside over 6 years experience and extensive training we will customise our treatment to suit your individual facial structure and proportions to create an outcome specific to your needs and desires.


This is undoubtedly our speciality.


It's technical name is Microblading but you'll find it more commonly referred to as feathering, feather touch, feather stroke or brow feathering.  Microblading, specifically our PhiBrows technique is a manual skill of semi permanent eyebrow tattoo strokes. It is done by using a very fine, sterile packaged blade to deposit pigment into the surface layer of the dermis to emulate eyebrow hairs. 


Feathering provides the possibility to achieve incredibly realistic and very natural, hair like results.  If you wear makeup, like a more defined shape or manipulate your natural shape daily, or are looking to replace the need to fill in your brows everyday, this is probably not the right technique for you. 


Microblading lasts around 2 years and is only recommended for those with normal to dry skin types and fine or minimal brow hairs. Often a great treatment for mature clients, but this is addressed on a case by case basis. It is not recommended for skin types that are prone to big pores, oily skin or clients with rosacea, red/ruddy skintypes.  



Our 'your brow but better' treatment, Soft Ombre.  Performed with a state of the art PMU machine and organic cosmetic pigments, layering shading or 'pixels' through the brow.  The 'top' and 'bottom' borders of the brow are typically more pixilated so as to not give a definite border and the front of the brow is faded to be softer and lighter for an undetectable look.  Soft Ombre is a great alternative for someone still  wanting a natural result, but where microblading isn't enough or isn't a suitable candidate for microblading.  It is a very customisable technique and can be made very soft to add a hint of colour or fill in gaps, or built up in areas where there are significant gaps.  It is amazing for manipulating shapes, creating arches where they aren't any or lifting tails for instance.  We treat every Soft Ombre design individually and will customise it to suit your needs and desired outcomes.  When performed by an expert, using state of the art pigments and machines, this technique will age beautifully and lasts around 2-3 years between refresher appointments and can be performed on almost any skin type. Also a great option for cover ups.



Powder brows are performed with a state of the art PMU machine and organic cosmetic pigments, layering shading or 'pixels' creating a very customisable treatment. Unlike our signature Soft Ombre offering, powder brows has a more definite 'top' and 'bottom' border for a more polished, makeup look. Whilst the borders are more defined, we can still customise the shading for a more sheer finish or build the opacity for a more bolder finish.  Alongside our Soft Ombre treatment, Powder brows are generally offered for a client hoping to replace the need for makeup on a day to day basis. Also a great option for cover ups.  In addition, powder brows are the longest lasting of cosmetic brow styles. When performed by an expert, using state of the art pigments and machines, this technique will age beautifully and lasts around 2-3 years between refresher appoitments and can be performed on almost any skin type.



Combo brows are made up of feather strokes at the blub (front) of the brow and then shading through the body and tail, or a mix of feather strokes through the whole brow, with shading strategically placed between the strokes, for depth.  


This technique lasts around 2-2.5 years and recommended for most, but not all skin types. 



Our 3 types of cosmetic liners are broken down to Lash Enhancement, Winged Eyeliner or Shaded Eyeliner. Lash Enhancement is a soft or defined (depending on clients desired outcome) liner concentrated to the root of the lash line only, usually between 1-2mm thick depending on the clients natural lash line, finished off with a lifted taper, without extending past the lash line.  You can add a baby wing to this for an additional cost.


Winged Liner can be either sharp (to emulate liquid eyeliner) or shaded for a softer smokier effect and in both cases the wing is totally customised to suit the clients eye shape, features and desired outcome.

All our liner treatments helps to define and lift the corner of the eyes, add depth, whilst creating the illusion of thicker lashes with a darker lash line.  



Lip blush or lip tint tattoo is designed to add colour, define lip borders and cupids bows, add volume and overall enhance the appearance of lips. Colours are generally designed to be a wash of colour similar to that of a tinted lip balm, or sheer lip colour and not a full coverage lipstick effect. Colours are completely customised to the clients wants and can be colour matched to a favourite lipstick, lip balm or lip pencil.  

Lasts around 2 years between refresher appointments.



Our refresher appointments are reserved for previous clients who have been tattooed at Sarah Lea Brows only and are reserved for freshening up work that has begun to fade, as is the nature of cosmetic tattooing. They are generally required anywhere from 1-3 years after your inital appointment.  If you have previous work done elsewhere you will need to book an entirely new treatment and seek prior approval via a consultation or email first. 


We understand that booking to have someone tattoo your face can be an intimidating and overwhelming choice to make. To ensure you feel confident and fully informed with your decision, we offer complimentary
in-person or video consultations, to cover any questions or concerns you may have. We can also discuss shape, colour and anything else specific to your individual needs or desired outcomes. 
We would also recommend reading through our FAQs & Policies here and reach out if you have any questions.
You can book a free, no obligation consult for either Melbourne or Gold Coast here
Whilst Sarah Lea is predominantly located in our Gold Coast salon these days, she does make frequent trips back to service her existing and new tattoo clients in Melbourne, alongside our Melbourne cosmetic tattooist, Shea De Winter, who has been trained and mentored by Sarah Lea in her methods.  
Come see why we've earned over 200 5 star reviews, and changed the lives of 1000's of busy woman (and men!) by saving them precious time every morning and helping them to achieve aesthetic goals they didn't even know was possible, with a few small tweaks.  
We can't wait to work some magic with you!
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