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Proper aftercare is essential to ensure the longevity of your cosmetic tattoo. Our team of professionals will provide you with detailed aftercare instructions to ensure that you get the best results from your treatment.


Things to keep in mind & avoid while healing.

  • No picking, scratching or peeling the healing area.

  • No makeup directly over the area.

  • No sleeping on your face.

  • No swimming, saunas or spas.

  • Excessive sweating (high intensity exercise, hot yoga).

  • Before showing apply a thin layer of aftercare balm to protect your eyebrows from moisture in the shower.

  • During the shower keep your face away from the shower head, limit your time in the shower and try to avoid using very hot water and creating lots of steam.

  • It is a good idea to cover your forehead and eyebrow area with a shower cap to keep water and steam away from them.

  • We recommend QV or Cetaphil as a PH balanced cleanser to use whilst the brows are healing.


30 minutes after the treatment wipe gently with a cotton pad and hot water to remove all the lymph and aftercare balm. Immediately reapply a very thin layer (think the head of a matchstick per brow) of aftercare balm with a cotton tip. Repeat this procedure every 3 hours for the rest of the day. Before bed, wash your face AND brows (as you normally would, including the brows), with a gentle pH balanced cleanser, immediately pat dry and apply a thin layer of aftercare balm. Refrain from sleeping on your face. 

DAY 2 :​

No more wiping. Wash your face AND brows in the morning with a gentle pH balanced cleanser, immediately pat dry and apply a thin layer of of aftercare. Reapply a thin layer of aftercare in the middle of the day and again before bed. Refrain from sleeping on your face.

DAY 3 - 10 :​

Allow the brows to dry up during this time, avoiding getting them wet. The brows will begin to get dry and start to become flaky around day 5-8. Apply a thin layer of aftercare balm 3 x daily in a patting motion, being careful not to push any scabs off prematurely. The brows are considered healed when all the dry flaky scabs have dropped off.


By now most of the flaky bits should have dropped off. From 12 days onwards you can consider them healed and restart washing and treating your face as normal, regardless of whether if you still have scabs/flaky skin.


Avoid direct sun exposure (sunbathing), solariums, light therapies, chemical peels, fruit acids, microdermabrasion and creams that contain regeneration factors.


  • Always avoid laser treatments over the treated area (Fraxel Laser, IPL) because they can destroy the pigment and cause burns.

  • Always avoid chemical treatments or chemical peelings over the treated area.

  • Avoid creams containing Retin-A/Retonid, Glycolic Acid or Alpha Hydroxyl over the treated area.

  • Use of antibiotics and hormone therapy can lead to faster pigment fading.

Sarah Lea Brows will not be liable for any problems caused by poor after care. 

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