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Cosmetic tattooing, micro-pigmentation, permanent makeup (PMU) or semi permanent makeup, has come a long way since it's early 90's hey day. With huge advancements in the field we are now able to create undetectable enhancements to a clients chosen features. This popular, safe, non invasive cosmetic treatment involves the skilled insertion of safe colour pigments into the dermis layer of the skin.



PhiBrows is the most prestigious PMU certification in the world.  PhiBrows follow a very specific european method that is taught through an intensive 6 month training course (no 2 day qualifications here!). PhiBrows requires the artist to pass 11 levels of mastery to ensure that their methods and their work maintain the Phibrows standard.  The Phibrows method, tools and pigments have been meticulously designed and are always being updated to aid their artists in producing the most precise hairstrokes, perfect symmetry, and a aesthetically pleasing eyebrow shape that goes with the natural shape of their client’s face and bone structure.  Phibrows products are vegan, cruelty free and are void of dangerous heavy metals still found in alot of permanent makeup lines. Phibrows pigments provide colour that stays true and fades evenly and avoids brows fading to blue, green or red over time.  If you want the best results with your PMU treatment, it is highly recommended that you seek out a certified Phibrows Royal artist.  ​


Microblading is commonly referred to as feather touch, feather stroke or brow feathering. Microblading, specifically PhiBrows method is a manual skill of semi permanent eyebrow drawing. It is done by using a very fine, sterile packaged blade to deposit pigment into the surface layer of the dermis. Compared to classical PMU (permanent makeup), done with a machine, Microblading provides the possibility to achieve incredibly realistic and natural hair like results.  This technique lasts around 6 months to 2 years depending on skin type and care and is not recommended for oily skin.



Powder or Ombre brows are different from Microblading and performed with state of the art machines, and pigments.  Powder brows appear very dark and bold for the first 8-12 days, but heal to a beautiful, soft powder filled brow, similar to the look of a brow filled with pencil or brow powder. The start of the brow is lighter and then gradually becomes darker through the tail giving it that beautiful ombre affect. This technique lasts around 2-2.5 years and recommended for all skin types, including oily skin.  


Combo brows are made up of Microblading at the head (front) of the brow and then powder brows onwards. This technique lasts around 2-2.5 years and recommended for all skin types, including oily skin.  


Depending on your skin type and care, the pigment will 'fade' slowly over 6 months to 2 years. For the best results ongoing, a refresher every 1-3 years is recommended.


Firstly, a free 15 min consultation is had prior to booking to make sure the treatment is right for you and answer any questions you may have. If you decide to go ahead, a non-refundable deposit is required to secure your booking, this amount will go towards your treatment.  Consult and treatment can be arranged in the same appointment, if you wish.

The procedure is a 2 part treatment, initial treatment and perfection treatment (4-6 weeks later). During the first treatment, the eyebrow shape is measured according to the client's facial features, such as the eyes and nose in order to achieve the most suitable natural eyebrow shape (The Golden Ratio - 1:618) a pigment colour is chosen depending on the colour of the client's eyebrow hair and skin tone. Once the client is satisfied with the newly drawn shape, the procedure will begin. Procedure consists of several 'passes' inserting the pigment into the dermis with a Microblade hand tool or specialised, state of the art, PMU machine. Anaesthetic is applied after the first 'pass' to keep discomfort to a minimum. Please allow 3 hours for your first appointment.

Your perfection appointment is then scheduled for 4-10 weeks later. During this second treatment, the eyebrow is re-measured (if needed) and analysed to check whether more strokes and/or density need to be added, fill in any strokes or gaps that may have not taken, add or make hairs longer or achieve a darker colour should it have healed lighter than desired.

  • Please allow 2.5-3hrs for your initial appointment and 1-1.5hrs for your perfection appointment

  • Please allow sufficient travel and parking time to get to your appointment, anything over 15 mins late and we may need to reschedule

  • Please no coffee/caffeine 4 hours prior to your appointment

  • No fish oil or Multi-vitamins the 72hrs prior to your appointment

  • Please have something to eat before hand, you’ll be more comfortable and your blood sugars more stable throughout your procedure

  • It’s always a good idea to wash your hair the day of your appointment as you can’t spend long periods of time in water for the first 5 or so days post treatment

  • If you don’t already have a ph neutral face wash (QV, cetaphil etc) it’s best to grab one to use for the following 2 weeks post treatment, as lined out in our aftercare

Healing is fairly straight forward and downtime is none, but best to be planned 4 weeks prior to any holidays and big events.
  • No picking, scratching or peeling the healing area (let any scabbing fall off naturally)

  • No makeup over the area, no filling in of the eyebrows (around the area is fine)

  • No sleeping on your face

  • Avoid getting the area soaked in the shower

  • No swimming, saunas, spas or excessive sweating/exercise

  • Avoid direct sun exposure (a hat is a good idea for long periods in the sun)

  • No SPF over the area (around the area is fine)


Unfortunately, Microblading isn't suitable for all skin types, as listed below.  We have some amazing alternative options available for trickier skin types, such as an Ombre/Powder Brow.  However if you have any questions or concerns, aren't sure what to book in for or something on this list applies to you, you can always book in for a free, no obligation consultation here.

  • Pregnant 

  • Diabeties (needs prior approval, please contact us prior to booking)

  • Undergoing chemotherapy or radiation 

  • Trichotillomania (needs prior approval, please contact us prior to booking)

  • Autoimmune Disorders (needs prior approval, please contact us prior to booking)

  • Bleeding disorders

  • Blood thinning medication

  • Taking Roaccutane (or similar) in the past 12 months

  • Psoriasis, Eczema, Rosacea, Keratosis Pilaris or Dermatitis in your eyebrow area

  • Previous permanent makeup done elsewhere (needs prior approval, please contact us prior to booking)

  • Extremely sensitive skin

  • Excessive sebum, oily skin, enlarged pores

  • Problem skin and/or cystic acne

  • Prone to keloid scarring

  • Have had Botox in brow, forehead or frown lines in the 3 weeks prior to booking

If you have any other health concerns or are on any medications you're unsure about simply send us a message.  Alternatively, you can book in for a free consultation to find out if Microblading is for you.


Possibly, this is on a case by case basis.  Please email us with clear, close up photos of your brows and we can take it from there.  Alternatively you can book a free consultation and we can see what can be done.

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